Modern Monastery Food: Mystic Monk Coffee

As part of my year o’ monastery cooking, I decided it would be fun to buy some current monastery products to try out. My first stop was Mystic Monk Coffee, which I made the mistake of buying right before Christmas. Here’s what I got:

My mistake was forgetting that I ALWAYS tell people to buy me coffee for Christmas, because I love it. So here’s what I ended up with:

That’s…..going to take me a while to get through.

Anyway, the Mystic Monk Coffee comes from a group of Carmelite Monks in Wyoming. They are using the proceeds to support themselves and for their building project. They are putting a gothic cathedral and monastery in the middle of some land in Wyoming.

Carmelites follow the rule of St Albert, which has this to say about food:

17. You are to abstain from meat, except as a remedy for sickness or feebleness. But as, when you are on a journey, you more often than not have to beg your way; outside your own houses you may eat foodstuffs that have been cooked with meat, so as to avoid giving trouble to your hosts. At sea, however, meat may be eaten.

The coffee is excellent, will definitely buy again.

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